greenhouse v3 7/12 - geodome

area 20m2

fóliovník v3 7/12


In this dimension and version of the greenhouse design, the construction is made and includes in the price:

  • area – base: 20m2
  • diameter of the structure base: 5120mm
  • diameter of the full sphere of the structure: 5200mm
  • height of the structure: 3050mm
  • KVH wooden prisms 60x60mm – spruce, certified, dried, planed
  • metal screws – different thicknesses and sizes adapted to the dimension of the wooden prisms
  • certified agrofoil – UV resistant
  • treatment of wooden struts with an anti-mould and anti-fungal product – sodium borate salt (without carcinogenic and mutagenic effects on the human body)
  • 2 coats of non-toxic exterior oil with added protection against fungi and moulds – choice of shade
  • 1pc door embedded in the structure (together with fittings and closing element, door covered with agrofoil)
  • 2 opening windows (together with fittings and closing system, telescopic opening, covered with agrofoil, wooden rod for opening)
  • 6 pcs of ground screws for fixing the structure to the ground
  • assembly on site
  • transport to the place of building is not included in the price – depends on the number of kilometres
  • the price and design does not include the round table in the photos
  • it is recommended to align the ground horizontally to minimize the space between the structure and the ground, the horizontal suspension of the structure is corrected with ground screws

3 690,00€*

v3 7/12, 15m2 – 3 550,00€*, v3 7/12, 25m2 – 3 800,00€*

* price is calculated according to the price lists of material suppliers, in case of their changes a small correction is possible. Actual exact price, also with detailed description of the material used, will be recalculated before the construction order is created

* I am not a VAT payer

* according to the requirements it is possible to add/adjust the design according to personal preferences, which will also be adapted to the possible price change, in case of this possibility please contact me

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