geodome – wooden structure

greenhouse, space for relax – tinyhouse/wooden house, climbing frame, …

recommendation of distributors for domes made of other materials (metal, plastic, …)


the first manufacturer in Slovakia, which from 2019 publicly offers commercial preparation of wooden structures of geodomes

… three years of preparation in modelling programs, with paper on the table, pencil and calculator in hand. And also in testing all the preparatory processes. In September 2019, I published a commercial preparation of wooden dome structures on the Internet.

Since then, thanks to you, I have managed to realize several domes mainly in the design of rest and relaxation spaces – houses and thus gain the necessary experience for their further production. Thank you for your interest. Agi
agi gonda - fotka

agi gonda

3 years

theoretical preparations “on paper”, setting up templates and jigs for the preparation of dome components

5 years

with you in public space

10 pieces

commercially built domes

11256+ hours

ideas, inspiration and process improvements

flexibility of use

dome/geodome as a greenhouse, garden house, pool cover, workshop, storage room, living space, sauna, animal shelter, …

variable dimensions

wooden structure, geodome – can be assembled according to the required built-up area, diameter or height

in harmony with nature

with its spherical shape, the dome fits naturally into the nature and urban environment

certified materials

premium quality KVH structural timbers, certified quality – screws, wood-fibre insulation, formwork, roofing, …

precision workmanship

millimetre-precise lengths and tenths of an angle-precise sawing ensure perfect interlocking of parts during final assembly

individual approach

responsible communication, adherence to what has been agreed, timely notification of any changes, relationship building, …


– do you have the desire, the necessary tools and you can prepare and assemble the dome on your own? Depending on the chosen parameters – version, diameter, height, usable area – I can prepare documentation and cut/sawing plans with exact dimensions, angles for the preparation of struts and formwork for your dome. This also includes the diagram necessary for the assembly of the dome

– together we will choose the most suitable alternative for the dome design and the most advantageous preparation procedure. Due to the specific requirements of each dome buyer, all documentation is individually tailored.

– wooden structure, geodome

– according to the selected parameters – version, diameter, height, usable area, insulation thickness – I can prepare all the components of the geodome dome for you. With the possibility of preparing documents for its self-assembly or with a fully secured assembly by me

– due to the specific requirements of each interested party, the entire documentation is prepared individually tailored. It is not pre-prepared “turnkey”

– depending on the intended use of the dome, it is necessary to select the most suitable composition of the construction materials before the start of the preparations

– to join the pre-prepared triangles of the dome “butt” or to choose the option of joining the prisms of the dome via metal couplings? It all depends on the idea, dimensions and, last but not least, the financial possibilities of those interested in the dome

– first information call of about 20 minutes FREE of charge

– additional additional telephone communication – 50€ for each started hour

– do you intend to implement a dome of such size and design that its parameters fall under the provisions of the “Building Act” with the need for the preparation of documents and documentation for the construction procedure by an architect? In order to avoid the architect having to “reinvent the wheel” when it comes to the preparation of domes, I am able to assist the architect in the process of preparing the documentation and to inform him/her about the established practices and trends in the preparation of domes

– what all is involved in the need for a building permit for a dome project (in Slovakia):

usable area over 25m2
a building with necessary alterations and intervention in the ground (possibility of placing the dome loose on the ground, on ground bolts or piles up to 300mm in diameter)
connection to public energy networks – electricity, water, sewerage
whether the dome object fits into the territorial building plan of the village or town with its characteristic arched roof design (most system-preferred objects – buildings with flat, pitched or gable roofs)

dome preparation is an individual and variable process

I do not prepare domes in advance and I do not deliver according to the catalogue “on the turnkey” according to the chosen parameter of their design. I prepare each of them individually after precise specification of all parameters from the interested party. The approximate price of the domes can be found at the specific examples of realization. The final price depends on the consideration of other factors of preparation and the actual installation at the final location of the dome. The services offered can also be selected individually.

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Please contact me if you are interested in the above services or further additions.

what is a geodome? - geodesic dome

The shape of the dome, geodome – in English “geodome, geodesic dome” – is one of the most effective types of structures used not only in modern architecture.

The first domed structure in a public space (in its triangular composition) was built in 1922 by Walther Bauersfeld. Carl Zeiss, a German engineer, as part of the planetarium in Jena. Buckminster Fuller, who is most associated with constructions of this type, was also involved in their spread and great popularity from the 1940s onwards. Although he was not the first geodesist to build a dome of this type.

The shape of not only the wooden dome is very close to nature. It improves perception and health, promotes an atmosphere of peace, well-being and joy, and gives a feeling of wholeness and perfection. The wooden dome helps and allows us to focus on ourselves, our inner self. It helps to develop creativity, expand consciousness, strengthen intuition and the energy of space. In such a space, with our purest inner attunement, there will always be room for love and abundance in any area of creation.

Despite the technical description, in the final embodiment, each of the structures is formed by interconnecting triangles with a possible aligned surface of the base – the bottom row of triangles. Although the various designs of the dome levels are similar, each is prepared individually to suit its dimensions. Also the thickness of the timber material used, the method of fixing to the foundation or subfloor and the accessories chosen – openings, insulation, roofing, windows, doors, …

shop – GeoDome.sk

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all-wooden KITS – triangles

kity JPG v3 3 4 4440mm 15m2 60x60 result

do you want to assemble the dome triangles yourself, but don’t know how to prepare them? I will provide you with the sawing of the struts and the preparation of the marked triangles, you just have to arrange for their transportation and the assembly of the dome according to the attached plan.


plany v3 7 12 blur pre JPG 03 e1703763132832

do you have the desire, the tools and the basic manual skills to prepare the all-wood construction of the dome? take the opportunity to prepare it yourself and order the plans

accessories – templates + jigs

sablony uhly v3 3 4 50x100 01

do you need a “gadget”, template or jig to prepare the dome? in the offer you can find a couple of those that I use in the production

versions / levels of dome structures

finished geodomes + photos + prices

climbing frame
v2 1/2

diameter 3m

v3 7/12

area 20m2

v3 7/12

diameter 6,2m

area 30m2

v3 3/4

diameter 7m

area 38m2

+ platform cca 15m2

v3 3/4

diameter 5,72m

area 25m2


geodesic domes made simle

  • take advantage of the simpler and cheaper option of assembling the dome with your own hands using HUBS
  • use it as a garden shelter – a gazebo, plant protection, children’s playhouse, greenhouse or a space to store your tools
  • building dome with HUBS is a fun for young and old alike

order your kit

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spojky HUBS 2v kit sada - kupola, geodome

GeoDome.sk is an authorized distributor of HUBS kits and HUBS spare parts for dome assembly.
The use of HUBS clutch visuals and text translations are authorised by their manufacturer Build With Hubs Ltd. UK.

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A unique project directed by a skilled precision craftsman : )
radomír dvořák
Radomír Dvořák
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In harmony with nature 🙂 Simply perfect!
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Eva Kosmeľová
birthphoto.sk, mojerebozo.sk


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